Toce, Cascata del

(La Frua)

Cascata del Toce or La Frua (frutt Fall dialect German Walser) is a waterfall located in the municipality of Formazza in a place called Frua at an altitude of 1675 m above sea level. The river Toce drops down over 143 meters with a wide at the base of 60 meters.

To reach the waterfall you must take highway 33 to Domodossola  ad there take road 659 into Valle Antigorio Pomatt that after about 40 km leads to the waterfall.

Cascata del Toce is considered one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Alps , although human intervention has reduced the flow for most of the year. Upstream of the waterfall Toce there is an artificial lake called Morasco which is used for generating hydroelectric power. The waterfall is open only for a short period between June and September, recovering fully their natural conformation.

From the roadside you easily can walk to the bottom of the waterfall and enjoy the massive water wall that comes down. On top of the waterfall there is a historic hotel (1863), where you can drive to. From there you will have amazing view on the valley.

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About Toce, Cascata del

LocationFormazza, Verbania
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