Alternative Corona holiday in Germany & Austria

European Waterfalls logo defJuly/August 2020, by Olaf Helwig

This year no fancy holiday but a two week holiday to Bavaria and the Salzburg region, to be precise the Halstatter see. We decided to start at Kempten in Bavaria, a perfect base (and nice town) for exploring the region.

There are several nice waterfalls in this part of Germany, especially around Oberstdorf. The first day we rented electric bikes to go in the Oytal and the Gerstrubental, both with a few waterfalls. I liked the Hölltobel wasserfal and the Stuibenfall most.

Normally it is quite a long hike to the end of the Gerstrubental and then to the Oytal but with an electric bike life seems suddenly much easier. 

Hölltobel wasserfallStuibenfall OytalBachfälle

The next day I wanted to show my family the nice castle “Neuschwanstein” with a nice gorge (nice walk), a huge suspension bridge and if this isn’t enough a gorgeous waterfall, the Pöllatfall. Very nice for a daytrip and on the way back don’t forget to visit the historical town Füssen!

Our trip went to Austria to Hallstatt, known for its nice views but it is a paradise for waterfall lovers. In Hallstatt itself you can see a nice waterfall at the mountainside, the Mühlbach wasserfall.

Even more impressive, and quite unknown, are the six waterfalls in the Echerntal at Hallstatt. I really don’t know why so few people visit these waterfalls. This was the highlight of my holiday.
First I was treated to a tall waterfall with a respectable volume, the Schleierfall. A little further three waterfalls join each other at one point, so impressive. One of the waterfalls was so incredible powerful, the Waldbachstrub wasserfall.

Mühlbach wasserfallWaldbachstrub wasserfallDürrenbach wasserfall (Felsentor)Schleierfall (Hallstatt)

Afterwards I continued my way up along the Glacier garden with an even more powerful waterfall, the Dürrenbach wasserfall. And finally at the bridge above the Waldbachstrub wasserfall there was another immense powerful waterfall I called the upper Waldbachstrub wasserfall

I visited quite a lot waterfalls, some nice, some disappointing but there is one gorge with several gorgeous waterfalls you shouldn’t miss, the Liechtensteinklamm wasserfall with a 50 meter single drop at the end. The gorge itself is one of the most beautiful gorges in Austria and the walk is easy and pleasant.

I almost forgot to mention one of the most photogenic waterfalls, the Gollinger wasserfall, not far from Salzburg. This waterfall is so beautiful. You will be treated to a nice cosy waterfall at the bottom and a bigger single drop uphill. Just watch the pictures to see if I am right.

Liechtensteinklamm wasserfallLiechtensteinklamm wasserfallGollinger wasserfallGollinger wasserfall

I already decided that Austria is a good option for a summer holiday next year….

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