Åmnesfossen is one of the few waterfalls in the region Telemark worthwhile mentioning. Although it is more a rapid then a real waterfall the water of the river Heddola descents over appr. 5 meters. The waterfall looks nice, maybe a good place for a short stop. The color of the water is brown-white which gives a nice contrast with the surrounding.

The waterfall is easy accessible and you will photographing towards the west, so in the morning or midday is a perfect moment to visit the Åmnesfossen.

When I was there in May 2005 the temperature was still very cold and Springtime started slowly. Nevertheless, Åmnesfossen was one of the few waterfalls I visited with a descent amount of water in it.

Åmnesfossen is located near Orvella/Heddal in the municipality Hjartdal. Driving between Notodden and Hjartdal, on road 134, the waterfall shows up on the right side, one kilometer after the crossing with road 361 at Orvella. You will see the fall from the roadside and there is a sideroad heading to the fall, to the old bridge over the Åmnesfossen. There you can park the car.

Best view is from the old bridge or a hundred meters downstream the river where you can see the Åmnesfossen under the bridge, a nice view.

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About Amnesfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer- summer

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