(Høyfossen, Höyfossen)

Not far from Lom the Høyfossen cascades down into the river Bøvre. Actually there are two Høyfossen. One cascades down from the south in the river Bøvre and has an estimated height of 25 meters. This one looks more like a rapid. The other Høyfossen cascades down from the Høyvatnet into the river Bøvre and is also about 25 meters high.

The Høyfossen can be found near road 55, 40 km south west of Lom near the Høyvatnet. There is a possibility to take the turn to Høyfossen, when driving on road 55. The road is called Bøvervegen. From there you have a good view on one of the Høyfossen. For the other one go further on and take the turn right at the lake.

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About Hoyfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane

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