"Four waterfalls walk" - Becon Breacon - Wales

In the summer of 2023 I was in the UK chasing waterfalls. The most beautiful hike I made was the "four waterfalls walk" near Pontneddfechan in Wales. The hike is quite easy and the trail is well maintained. Another reason why you should go for "the four waterfalls walk" is the power and beauty of all waterfalls!
Trail: Four waterfalls walk Pontneddfechan - Wales

There are several parkings where you can start from, but I choose 'Comin Y Rhos', a parking along the road from Pontneddfechan to Ystradfellte. There is an information sign and you just have to follow the signed trail until you reach the first waterfall 'Sgwd Clun-Gwyn' (within 10 minutes). There is a platform from the west side of the river where you have an awesome view from above.

After taking enough pictures, follow the trail further down and cross the river. Go right and you will reach the top of 'Sgwd Clun-Gwyn' within another 10 minutes. Another kind of view but still gorgeous, maybe even better. You can see this a popular trail because there where a dozen of people making pictures en where enjoying the view.
From here it was a guess which trail I should/must take. The trail along the river was closed and several people where confused where to go. As ever, the most logical thing was following the biggest trail .

I decided to go to the farrest waterfall first and I wanted to stay as close to the river as possible. The main trail was running high up from the river but there are so many signs you can't get lost. After 25 minutes I reached the path that runs down to the biggest waterfall 'Sgwd Yr Eira''. After 4 minutes you are facing a very powerful 10 meter high waterfall. The summer of 2023 was wet so I think I was lucky that all waterfalls where pretty powerful.
You can walk behind 'Sgwd Yr Eira' and I can asure you, you will get wet. This is also the trail that runs to several parkings near Pontnedfechan. After taking a lot of photo's of 'Sgwd Yr Eira' it was time to walk back to visit the other two great  waterfalls: 'Sgwd y Pannwr' and 'Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn'. Such beautiful names. I think the Welsh waterfalls have the best names in the world.
Sgwd y Pannwr
Sgwd Yr Eira
Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn

From 'Sgwd Yr Eira' it is a 20 minute walk back to  'Sgwd y Pannwr'. Again the last part of the trail runs down to the river. Now you are arriving at a very special waterfall. Not very high but this is an extraordinary waterfall. The upper part is shaped odd and is very wide. The lower part is normal again and very photogenic if you climb down to the bottom. The thing I missed was that is possible to go canyoning in the river Afon Hepste. That would have been nice....
After taking a lot of pictures (again) you can stay at the riverside and walk further to the last big waterfall  'Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn'. I think this is the highest of all four but has several stages. Unfortunately I had a sort of an accident at the waterfall: I slipped away and I injured my arm and almost fainted of the pain. After 30 minuted I was finally able to breath properly and to go further. I didn't broke anything but it wasn't a very nice experience. I walked back where I came from but there should be a path that runs along the river. I thought it was closed but later on I saw people at the top of 'Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn'

On the way back I visited 'Sgwd y Pannwr' for the second time and I became even more in love with this special waterfall. I couldn't stay to long because I had to go back to Tenby where my wife was lying at the beach in the sun while it slightly rained in Pontneddfechan....
After 30-40 minutes I was back (near the car) at the first viewpoint on 'Sgwd Clun-Gwyn'. 
But I discovered a hidden path, a little further back to the car that runs to 'Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn' from the other side of the river. It isn't an easy trail and not always without danger. Until the first viewpoint from above it is no problem. But going further takes sometimes some gut and after 10-15 minutes (from the main trail) I reached the river and had an awesome view on 'Sgwd Isaf Clun-Gwyn'. I am glad that I am explorer and always want to find the best spots for taking pictures. By the way, don't go here with small children!!


3-5 hours

100 m

Free (Comin Y Rhos)
gps 51.783339, -3.568967