Spring 2019: France, Austria & Italy

Sometimes you have to decide, last minute, where to go because the weather forecast is bad. Normally I am over prepared but this year the weather showed me where to go. Temperatures (end of April) weren't that high but as long as it is dry, it is fine with me. My journey started in the Vosges-France and from there I headed east to the Bayern alps in Germany. Soon I wanted better weather and I moved south to Innsbruck and Italy. Of course I visited several waterfalls in the mean time but my goal was unexplored territory in Italy. Years ago I was in the region of Valle d'Aosta (in summertime) and that was one of my best holidays ever.

As soon as I entered Italy I went of the highway at the Brenner pas towards the end of the Pflerschtal. There was still so many snow and later on I even had a snow shower. So unfortunately I couldn't reach all waterfalls I wanted to go. The beginning wasn't very impressive but the valley was beautiful.

Next stop was the Gilfenklamm near Stanghe and as said before, the beginning wasn't perfect: The gorge was closed for visitors and this time I didn't wanted to climb over a fence.... So I drove on to the Passeiertal. Here the fun begins with some incredible views and a few waterfalls worthwhile to see and visit. 

When driving on the Via delle Cresta, a narrow road that lies up the mountain, you have an incredible view on one of the tallest waterfalls of Italy; the Stuller wasserfall. In this part of Italy they speak German but names are also given in Italian. Driving further to Moos in Passeier brings you to a powerful waterfall called Stieber wasserfall. It is a little bit hidden but the waterfall is easy to reach from the roadside. 

A little bit back, when driving to Sankt Martin in Passeier you can visit the Passeier wasserfall. A hidden gem and quite unknown.

Next stop is THE waterfall in the region, the Partschinser wasserfall. The waterfall is easy to reach. Take your time to visit this waterfall. The base is easy to reach from the parking but you can also walk up halfway the waterfall.

I was still going south in the direction of Bolzano, hoping for the perfect weather. The weather was good but not that warm. Okay it was the end of April and I can't expect 20+C. Between Merano and Bolzano there are three amazing waterfalls I particularly like. It is difficult to describe how beautiful they are, but if you are nearby go to:

  • - Fragsburger wasserfall, near a castle
  • - Gargazon wasserfall, a guarantee for great pictures
  • - Cascata di Vilpiano, easy to reach