Spring 2019 - Vosges and Germany

At the end op April something happens to me. Snow is melting, the weather becomes more sunny and temperatures are rising. Time for chasing waterfalls! This time I decides to go to a region not that far from my hometown, Utrecht in the Netherlands.

My first stop was a small and cosy town Gérardmer with a picturesque French hotel where they serve baguette with fresh orange juice for breakfast. My day started perfect. The weather was fine, at least it was dry and the first waterfall I wanted to visit was the most visited one of teh region: Cascade de Tendon. There is one with a bigger drop called Grande cascade de Tendon and a smaller one called petite cascade de Tendon. You can walk to both waterfalls but this is a 2,2 kilometer walk (30 min). I decided to take the car. There where hardly any tourist in the earlier season and the waterfalls where beautiful in its own kind. Hard to say what I mean but it was so silent, a moment where you can dream away. Don't expect big powerful waterfalls but the surrounding is gorgeous!

Another waterfall worthwhile visiting is cascade du Nideck near Oberhaslach. This also such a picturesque waterfall in a gorgeous surrounding. When I visited cascade du Nideck the surrounding was gorgeous with a lot of moss, green colors and old red leaves on the ground. The volume was quite respectabel and the waterfall was very photogenic. I was very satisfied with the results.

The second part of my short stay was in Germany where I wanted to visit the special waterfall Elzbach wasserfall. A gorgeous waterfall near the  castle burg Pyrmont. The waterfall isn't very tall but this is definitely one of the better waterfalls to visit in Germany. A guarantee for good and picturesque photo's.

I only spend a few days abroad with a few waterfalls but I all loved them.