Summer 2014: Valle d'Aosta

I think 2014 was one of our best summer holidays in Europe ever. The weather was very good (not to warm) and the waterfalls we visited where so beautiful. We (my family) had our base in a hotel in the picturesque village of Saint Vincent. Especially the town square and the several nice restaurant was perfect. From here you can drive in every direction of the Valle d"Aosta. We made several daytrips.

The waterfall I likes most are Cascate del Rutor en Cascata di Lillaz. 
Cascate del Rutor is oen of teh moste powerful waterfalls of Italy and has several major drops. The waterfall is being fed by melting snow and ice from the glacier Rutor. The waterfall(s) is located near la Thuile and is easy to reach. You can walk up along the waterfall, a nice and must to hike.

The second waterfall that is one of my favorite is the gorgeous Cascata di Lillaz. From the parking in the village of Lillaz it is a very pleasant walk along th eriver untul you reach paradise. Locals where sunbathing and swimming at the base of teh waterfall. A little further up you can enjoy the power of the biggest drop.