Summer 2014: Valle d'Aosta

I think 2014 was one of our best summer holidays in Europe ever. The weather was very good (not to warm) and the waterfalls we visited where so beautiful. The nice thing about waterfalls is that the surrounding, the nature is in most cases gorgeous. Even the roadtrips we made were splendid. Waterfalls often are tourist hotspots near a small cosy village or with a nice restaurant in the proximity. Although I am addicted to waterfalls, my family also loved the trips because they were so pleasant.

We (my family) had our base in a nice hotel in the centre of the picturesque village Saint Vincent. A cosy viallge, especially around the town square there are several nice restaurant, perfect. From here you can drive in every direction of the region Valle d"Aosta. We made several day trips to big waterfalls, castles and some nice valleys.

The waterfalls I like most are Cascate del Rutor and Cascata di Lillaz.
Cascate del Rutor is one of the most powerful waterfalls of Italy and has several major drops. The waterfall is fed by melted snow and ice from the glacier Rutor. This waterfall impressed me so much because of the enormous power of the water and the gorgeous trail along the river that brings you up along several drops. The waterfall(s) is located near la Thuile and is easy to reach. 

  • My second favorite waterfall is the incredible beautiful Cascata di Lillaz. From the parking in the village of Lillaz it is a short and very pleasant walk along the river until you reach paradise. Locals where sunbathing and swimming at the base of the waterfall. A perfect spot to spend a beautiful day. And if you want something more, a little further up you can enjoy the power of the biggest drop of Cascata di Lillaz and you can make a roundtrip walk to the village and back.

    Although our stay in Valle d'Aosta wasn't that long, it is still one of my favorite places to be. I really don't know why I never went back. Maybe I am afraid that the second time won't impress me that much....

    For people who are now inspired to go to Valle d'Aosta and want to visit all those beautiful waterfall, here is a short list of the best waterfalls. You also can check my Google map with waterfalls in Italy:
    Cascate del Rutor
    Cascata di Lillaz
    Cascata di Lenteney
    Cascata di Isollaz
    Cascata Chiapili di Sopra (not visited yet)