Summer 2019: Norway unspoiled

Before Covid I almost went to Norway every year chasing waterfalls. Waterfalls in Norway are the best in the world and on a relative short distance you can explore the best waterfalls in the world.

August 2019 I went to Norway after my family holiday. The plan was just to enjoy and to visit some unknown waterfalls northeast from Lillehammer in the region Innlandet and Trøndelag. Regions that aren't spoiled with tourists

The third day (after two days traveling from the Netherlands) I finally saw my first waterfall, Tegningfallet near Hanestad. The last part of the road is a dust road where I met my first reindeer in the wild. After a bend in the road a huge reindeer was standing right in front of my car but he/she got scared and ran away. Too bad, because there was no time for a good picture. Beside the reindeer I saw no tourists!!  Afterwards I drove to the unknown Nekfallet/Nekfossen near Øvre Rendal. I am sure this is an unknown gem where few people know about.

Myfallet near Venabygd was my next destination. Still there where hardly any people and after a short walk (appr. 30 minutes I found Myfallet. A little bit hidden but oh so beautiful. I don't like walking that much, so I skipped the walk to the second waterfall, Dørfallet.

The next day I realized I was so lonely. There where hardly no tourists and I hardly had a normal conversation with somebody. This region is to quit for me.

The next day I was a sort of homesick and on my way to the next waterfall, Trollfoss near Styrvoll, the sky was falling down with so much rain... My visit to the Trollfoss wasn't a succes, so I decided to visit two last waterfalls. Rjukanfossen in the Årdalen was the highlight of this trip, so beautiful and so powerful. The last waterfall on my wishlist was Rafossen. I had to make quite a detour to visit Rafossen in the Kvinesdal. Finally I wanted to go home and drove to the ferry at Kristiansand.

A dynamic holiday with a few unknown waterfalls in a few days time. After 5 days I was home again, after 3.000 km of driving