Summer 2021 - France & Spain

The year 2021 was still a Corona year and with the family we went on holiday to France and Spain. Of cause with some stops at a few waterfalls that I wanted to visit.

I must see we where lucky. The days before it rained, always good for the waterflow in rivers with waterfalls. Normally it can be quite dry in summertime in France and Spain. I had no expectations but the first waterfalls we visited where of great beauty.

In France we made a stop at Cascade de Gimel, a series of three great waterfalls. A short walk runs along the river, to the three amazing waterfalls: Grand Saut (45 m), La Redole (38 m) and la Queue de Cheval (60 m) with a total height of 143 meters.

The next few days we stayed in a nice apartment in the cosy town Ripoll, in the Spanish Pyrenees. Here I discovered my new hobby: swimming at waterfalls! And there are a lot of perfect swimming spots in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Waterfalls don’t need always to be high or very powerful to be perfect. For swimming in the wild at waterfalls a low volume waterfall is better. We discovered several waterfalls in the Spanish Pyrenees (sometimes hidden gems) but we only had three day, before going to the coastline and Barcelona.

Nevertheless we visited Gorg del Salt, ruta dels 7 gorgs de campdevànol and Gorg de Malatosca. I love the Spanish Pyrenees.