Summer 2021 -  Switzerland

Switzerland is a perfect country to travel and to discover waterfalls. Most of the country is covered with mountains. Because of the high prices for hotels I didn’t visit Switzerland much. In 2021 I decided to go and to enjoy the Swiss nature beauty and its many waterfalls.

The summer of 2021 would finally be an opportunity to visit waterfalls in Switzerland. Why Switzerland? I thought it was time to visit this beautiful country with many waterfalls after 20 years. Now the price level has changed slightly, especially eating out and hotels have become very expensive. This didn’t spoil the fun.

It turned out to be a trip with many kilometers and a lot of beautiful nature, not to mention many beautiful waterfalls. I must say that I liked the south of Switzerland (the Ticino office) the most. I liked the atmosphere, the color of the water, the beautiful swimming spots under waterfalls and in rivers.

My trip, in search of waterfalls, started a bit in the middle of Switzerland (below Lucerne) and took me a bit criss-cross through the country. First east, south to Italy and back northwest to finish near Lauterbrunnen. I think that in 5 days I drove 2500 kilometers to visit about 35 waterfalls.

Day 1 - Sunday, July 18

After weeks of unsettled weather, the weather finally was nice for a few days (mid-July 2021) and I went off. Within 9 hours I drove, with my rooftop tent, to the first overnight stay near Altdorf in the canton of Uri. A lot of traffic jams for a Sunday but I wasn’t in a hurry. I was looking forward to the several magnificent waterfalls at the Klausenpass for a long time. But first I drove to the Tätschbachfall near Engelberg. With an unbelievable force this waterfall thunders down over 60 meter . It’s raining, but it doesn't bother me. There are a few other great waterfalls near Engelberg but I had limited time and I had to go to my hotel.

Day 2 - Monday, July 19

My day started early and soon I was at the viewpoint (along the road) on the Stäubifall. Unfortunately I had forgotten 1 thing, the sun had just risen and was right above the Stäubifall …, a bit drowsy of myself. A nice picture of the Stäubifall was not in it, but the surroundings are beautiful!

Further towards the Klausenpass and Glarus Süd, several more waterfalls followed, of which the Schreyenbachfall at Linthal was very impressive and definitely worth a visit. The sun is shining and the temperature is pleasant, around 25C. I drive further north/east to Weesen near the Walensee. There the Seerenbachfälle falls from a gigantic height. I have to wait a while because the road (at the end) is one-way, but you can drive every half hour. From teh parking a short pleasant walk takes me to a perfect viewpoint of the Seerenbachfälle and the Rinquellenfall. A beautiful sight, I want to stay here for a while. It is still morning and I decide that to drive south on highway 2. I am in for a swimming in Ticino. 

Day 3 - Tuesday July 20
I wake up early again and drive into Valle Verzasca. The crowds have not started yet and I can park quietly along the road to take pictures. There is paid parking everywhere, I’m disappointed about that. I continue along the beautiful river Verzasca and come across a number of unnamed waterfalls but my goal is Cascata la Froda at the end of the valley. A beautiful walk takes me to the waterfall and the weather remains beautiful. I don’t regret it, the atmosphere here is so relaxed. But I want to see more and in an hour I to the valley next door, Valle di Maggia. This is not just a valley, a valley with a lot of waterfalls. Here I also discover that swimming at a waterfall is the ultimate feeling of tranquility. My first stop is also the highlight of the day, Cascata di Foroglio.

After a long visit I spend the afternoon at Cascade delle Sponde to bathe and swim. I decided to dine here and quickly cook something with my gas stove. After this I spend the night in a very nice hotel (a bit too expensive) in the town of Maggia. In the evening I am bored and take a nice, a bit heavy, hike to the top of Cascata del Salto.

Day 4 - Wednesday July 21
I still want to go to the central part of Switzerland (Berner Oberland) to visit several waterfalls near Meiringen. A long drive but on teh way I take the road along the Sustenpass. Wow this is really gorgeous, I don't have words for it. That alone makes my holiday worthwhile.
Just after noon I am already at the famous Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge. Too bad Switzerland is so expensive but it is a beautiful country and the walk through the Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge is breathtaking. The waterfall at the beginning is so powerful and beautiful!
Afterwards I drive to the even more famous Reichenbachfall. Take your time and hike (after arriving by cable car) to the top of these waterfall(s). So beautiful! In the distance I see two more waterfalls in Meiringen, which I visit later in the afternoon. Theseare also worth a visit, especially the Alpbach waterfall. Around 4 pm I’m tired of it and I spend the night at the campsite at the Aareschlucht. The weather remains beautiful and I treat myself to a few beers. The price of that was fine with me now.

Day 5 - Thursday 22 July
Next destination is the valley of a thousand waterfalls, Lauterbrunnen. Along the way I visit the Giessbachfälle and spend quite a lot of time there with a walk to the top (it’s quite enjoyable).

I continue to Lauterbrunnen. When you arrive, you can’t miss the famous Staubbachfall. I park the car (paid) and decide to walk up to a point where you can walk behind the waterfall. After this I drive to the Trümmelbachfälle. A beautiful and powerful waterfall that comes down from a great height into a cave. Well worth a visit. Can be very busy in the summer months. After visiting some small waterfalls I want to go to another valley, the Kiental with three beautiful waterfalls at the end. The Pochtenfall is definitely the highlight of my trip. The waterfall comes out of some sort of cave with quite a bit of force and impresses me. Back after the walk of the Pochtenfall I get a sort of homesickness and take an impulsive call to drive home.

Switzerland was a short but beautiful holiday where there is still a lot to see..