Waterfalls in North Norway

European Waterfalls logo defAugust 2018, by Olaf Helwig

Norway is my favourite country regarding waterfalls. Only I had never been more northern than Trondheim. From the south (where the ferry from the mainland of Europe arrives) it is a long drive so we decided to take an airplane to Trondheim and then travel by car to Tromsø. A long drive that mainly leads along road E6.

Already near Trondheim there are quite a few beautiful waterfalls to see, starting at Storfossen, near Trondheim airport. A beautiful waterfall with even more small waterfalls downstream. A nice start of our waterfall journey. Due to a lack of time we have to skip the Sisselfossen (a bit more to the north). That is the disadvantage if you book accommodations in advance.

Next day we drove along the Formofossen (very photogenic) and made a small detour to the Grongstadfossen and Skrøyvstadfossen. Nice to see but I knew the highlight of our journey is yet to come.

Litlverivassforsen (Vaerivassfossen)

Gorzifossen at GorsebruaDissaltakfossen - ReisadalenMollisfossen - Reisadalen

The journey continues to Laksforsen and to Svartisen National park with the beautiful Bredekfossen. Be aware of the great distances we drive, but always with a nice scenery.
During our walk to Bredekfossen it rains a bit but we are prepared. Photos become a little less beautiful than I had hoped…

Fortunately this was made up when went for a hike to Værivassfossen (Litlverivassforsen) in Rago Nasjonalpark. Definitely a walk that belongs to my top 5 most beautiful hikes ever!!! A tough walk though.

After this there will be no impressive waterfalls for a long time until we drove much more to the north towards Sweden on the E8. A little further lies the beautiful Rovijokfossen. You do not see it lying along the E8 but it is really there. Don’t forget to stop.

We drove back to Skibotn and went to the Kafjorddalen where there an unique waterfall is located where you can Bungee jump (in weekends), called Gorzifossen. When you stand on the bridge over the canyon you look 120 meters down, a staggering sight. Very nice and unfortunately we were not there at the weekend….

The last highlight of our 10-day trip is a boat trip on the Reisaelva in Reisa Nasjonalpark. VERY expensive but also very beautiful with the photogenic Dissaltakfossen and the gigantic high and powerful Mollisfossen as the highlight. Perhaps the most beautiful waterfall in Norway.

I am not 100% sure whether it was worth the trip and I am talking about the exorbitantly high price that was attached to this trip. The boat trip alone cost 110 euros per person and the car delivered to another location 600 euros. Accommodations also seem more expensive than in the south of Norway and in my opinion everything was much more expensive than in the south.

I did take nice photos and collected a lot of useful travel information.

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