Trollfoss is a nice waterfall in the river Dalelva, near Styrvoll (Lardal), in the region Vestfold, Norway.

To reach the Trollfoss, drive south from Svarstad over road 40 to Styrvoll. Near Styrvoll there is a white sign along the road “Trollfoss” take the exit here and then directly left, onto a dustroad called Solskarveien. This is a toll road where you have to pay a small fee (40 NOK in 2019). There is a barrier at the toll point I had to open myself. I am not sure if the barrier is normally open.

Follow the dust road for appr. 15 minutes (there are signs) until you reach a small parking at a junction near a bridge (gps 59.35114, 9.85494). It is clear you have to park your car left before the bridge. There is also a sign pointing left to a path going downstream at the east side of the river. 

The tractor path is easy to walk and after 10 minutes (from the parking) there should hang a sign “Trollfoss” but it was gone when I was visiting the waterfall. Unfortunately I wasn’t well prepared so I went on walking for another 40 minutes figuring out how to go to the river. I knew you had to walk along the riverbed to the Trollfoss.

The sign was gone but there was still another sign hanging “OBS – Lose Steiner”, but I figured this out after a long time. I took the path and after 3 minutes I came at a sort of junction (at a tree with an arrow carved in it).
– Right is going to the top of the Trollfoss (I think).
– Going straight ahead ends at the cliff without vision on the waterfall.
– Going left leads to a blue rope where you have to descend down to the riverbank. It is a very very steep climb down (not for children or elderly).

Unfortunately there was way to much water in the river to walk to a viewpoint on the Trollfoss. I tried to find a glimpse of the Trollfoss but I returned at my car without seeing the waterfall. Would have been nice if they had mentioned it at the barrier.

There aren’t so many waterfalls in Vestfold but the Trollfoss is one worthwhile a visit. With great power the river Dalelva tries to squeeze itself through a narrow canyon creating a 12 meter single drop waterfall.

There are more waterfalls in the river Daleva but these are even more difficult to reach. 

The river Dalelva falls towards the south, so the approach is from the south of the Trollfoss.

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About Trollfoss

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationStyrvoll (Lardal)
Best visitIn summer in a dry period

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