Alfairalm wasserfall

Alfairalm wasserfall is a small volume waterfall, but mentioned on maps, in the Southwest of Austria near Gchnistz/Brenner pass in the region Tirol.

From Inssbruck go sout over highway E13 to the Brennerpass. At Matrei am Brenner take the exit and go south to Steinach am Brenner. From here go right to Trins/Gschnitz and follow the road to Untertal. A little bit further on the right the Alfairalm wasserfall must be visible in the distance.

Opposite of the valley, at Obertal you will find a much more (unnamed) waterfall of the Sandesbach. A trail/bridge lead to and over the high volume waterfall with a heigh of 15-40 meters. With the church in front of the fall a really nice view.

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About Alfairalm wasserfall

LocationUntertal-Steinach am Brenner
RiverAlfair alm
Best visitSpring-Early summer

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