Ars, Cascade d’

(Cascade d'Arse)

Cascade d’Ars, sometimes written as Cascade d’Arse, is one the most beautiful waterfalls in France. I rated the Cascade d’Ars with 3,5 stars and is my top 10 of best waterfalls to visit in France!

Cascade d’Ars is located south of Aulus les Bains in the French Pyrenees. From Foix drive south to Tarascon sur Ariege over road D20. There take the D8>D18>D8F to Aulus les Bains.

From Aulus les Bains the walk takes about 90-120 min, but from a distance you already can see the waterfall. Even from the roadside Cascade d’Ars is visible with its total height of 246 meters. The walk was very pleasant and easy to do.

Probably Cascade d’Ars is one of the most powerful waterfalls in France. In three stages the water of the riverRivière d’Ars thunders down with a great force. One even more impressive then the other. Light circumstances were very difficult with a lot of back light. Cascade d’Ars is falling towards the north.

Best time to visit Cascade d’Ars is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, early summertime.


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About Ars, Cascade d’

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Ariege
LocationAulus les Bains-Oust-Foix
RiverRivière d'Ars
Best visitEarly summer