Aysgarth falls

Aysgarth falls is a long stretched series of broad limestone steps in the river Ure near the village Aysgarth (Yorkshire Dales national park) in England (United Kingdom).

The Aysgarth falls can be found along road A684 at the village of Aysgarth. You can’t miss the falls, there is a hotel, a pub called “the falls”. The falls are located directly behind the beautiful church of Aysgarth.

There are three sections with multiple cascades, all close to each other: lower falls, middle falls and the upper falls. There is a path at both sides of the river.

In the fall the Ure swells to a powerful river, but maybe in springtime it is more beautiful with a good look at the broad limestone steps.

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About Aysgarth falls

CountryUnited Kingdom
Height4m +10m
Best visitFall