Balme, Cascate di La

(Cascate di Youlaz)

Cascate di La Balme or Cascate di Youlaz is a waterfall most people won’t pay attention to because they are on their way to the biggest waterfall in Italy, Cascate de Rutor. But at the hamlet La Balme the river Youlaz drops down over 250 meters.

The waterfall Cascate di La Balme is located at the right side of the road in La Balme (Valle d’Aosta, Italy) just before the right is ascending.

You will a good view on Cascate di La Balme from the roadside and also further down the road when the road ascents towards La Thuile.

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About Balme, Cascate di La

RegionValle d'Aosta
LocationLa Balme
RiverTorrente di Youlaz
Best visitSpring-early summer