Chiapili di Sopra, Cascata di

Cascata di Chiapili di Sopra is a great waterfall west of Ceresole Reale in the region Piedmont/Piemonte, Italy. From Ivrea go west to Ceresole Reale (SS565>SS460>SP50) and driver further on to Chiapli. Here you will see Cascata di Chiapili di Sopra at the right hand side behind the houses.

Cascata di Chiapili di Sopra  is a nice looking waterfall in a beautiful scenery.Cascata di Chiapili di Sopra is visible form the roadside but there is also a trail heading up to Alpe Fumetta and Muanda that loads along the waterfall.

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About Chiapili di Sopra, Cascata di

LocationChiapili di Sotto-Ceresole Reale
RiverRio della Percia
Best visitEarly summer

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