Chorro Grande, Cascada

Cascada Chorro Grande is a 80 meter high waterfall in the river Arroyo del Chorro grande on an altitude of 1.500 meters. Cascada Chorro Grande is located east of La Granja de S. Ildefonso, not far from Segovia, in the region Castilla y Leon-Segovia, Spain.

From Segovia drive east over road CL-601 to La Granja de S. Ildefonso. From the southeast part of the village a trail starts following the river Arroya de Pena: 40.900393, -3.994445
Follow the trail that almost goes in a straight line (northeast) to Cascada Chorro Grande. Within 20 minutes you should reach the base of Cascada Chorro Grande.

Best time to visit Cascada Chorro Grande is late winter-springtime or after rainfall.

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About Chorro Grande, Cascada

RegionCastilla y Leon-Segovia
LocationLa Granja de S. Ildefonso/Palazuelos de Eresma
RiverArroyo del Chorro Grande
Best visitLate winter-spring-after rainfall