Comelle, Cascata delle

(Cascata di Gares)

Cascata delle Comelle or Cascata di Gares is a superb waterfall with a single drop of 70 meters. Cascata delle Comelle/Cascata di Gares is located near Canale d’Agordo (Valle di Gares) in the region Veneto, Italy.

From Canale d’Agordo drive south into Valel di Gares until the road ends at a big parking in front of a restaurant. In summertime you have to pay for the parking. From here walk south following the river Liera. Soon (15 minutes) you will see Cascata delle Comelle/Cascata di Gares.

The path is signed and after enjoying the view on Cascata delle Comelle/Cascata di Gares from below, its also possible to walk further on to the top. On tehg way you will have a great view on the waterfall Cascata delle Comelle/Cascata di Gares from aside.

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About Comelle, Cascata delle

LocationValle di Gares, Canale d'Agordo-Belluno
RiverRio delle Comelle
Best visitEarly summer