Cascata della Moiazza

Cascata della Moiazza is a low volume waterfall in the mountains near Chiesa, in the region Veneto, Italy.

Driving west over road S347 from Chiesa you soon will see a small road at the right with a sign “Moiazza”. After a while you will see Cascata della Moiazza in the distance. When the road makes a sharp curve to the right you will see a wooden bench. Maybe you can park the car here.

From here you probably can walk through the woods to the waterfall to get a good view. Otherwise: on the road to Cascata della Moiazza you will have several good viewpoints on this 210 meter high waterfall.

It is also possible to hike to the waterfall. A trail starts at road S347, just after the bridge over the river Moiazza. It is a long walk along the river. At a football field you can choose to go steeply up to Cascata della Moiazza or stay right and walk to a viewpoint near the bottom of the waterfall.

Best period to visit Cascata della Moiazza is late spring, early summer, in de morning.

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About Cascata della Moiazza

CountryWaterfalls in Italy
LocationChiesa, Gavaz
RiverX (Torrente Moiazza)
Best visitEarly summer

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