Coro, salto do

(Fervenza salto do Coro)

Salto do Coro is a nice unknown waterfall south of Mondoñedo in the region Galicia, Spain.

From road A8 take the exit to Mondoñedo and drive to the village on road . In a curve in the road go right to Argomosa. At the end of the road tune left to Cova do rei Cintolo. Follow the road until the road splits and there is a sign for Salto do Cor going right. Go right here and follow the small path until you see a sign Salto do Coro again. Park the car here.

From here (gps 43.409590, -7.360512) it is a 10-15 minute walk along the river to Salto do Coro. The walk is easy and pleasant.

Salto do Coro drop down in a single fall over 18 meter.

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About Coro, salto do

Best visitAfter rainfall

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