Cascadas de Oneta

(La Firbia, La Ulloa, La Masseirua)

Cascadas de Oneta is a set of three cascades, short after each other, in the river Rio de Oneta. The first and most spectacular one is Cascada La Firbia with a drop of more then 20 meters.

The second one is smaller and more difficult to reach, a waterfall called La Ulloa or Firbia de Abajo.

The last one is even more difficult to reach and is called Cascada de Maseirua. All waterfalls look very beautiful and are a visit worthwhile.

Cascadas de Oneta are located south of the village of Oneta. From Oneta it is a 2 kilometer walk to the first waterfall (30-45 minutes). There are sign on the trail and Cascada La Firbia is easy to reach. From here you have to ascend on a slippery trail to the other waterfalls: Cascada La Ulloa and Cascada La Maseirua.

Best period to visit Cascadas de Oneta is in a wet period, Late winter or early spring, although the region is famous because of the rain falling down whole the year.

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About Cascadas de Oneta

RiverRio de Oneta
Height20m +12-15m
Best visitLate winter-early spring

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