Ezaro, Cascada del

( Fervenza do Ézaro)

One day watching the cycle tour of Spain (Vuelta Ciclista a España) I saw an awesome waterfall at the west coast of Spain. After some research I found out it was Cascada del Ézaro, a 155 meter high waterfall.

Cascada del Ézaro is located at the little village O Ézaro (south of Dumbría) in the region Galicia-Pontevedra, Spain. From the harbor you have a great view on the waterfall, but there is also a path leading to the base of Cascada del Ézaro.

Cascada del Ézaro is a big powerful waterfall in the river Rio Xallas. Water from several rivers and small streams join each other in a reservoir called Encoro de Santa Uxía. The reservoir is being used for generating power. But as far as I can see there is still a consistent amount of water flowing, creating a great waterfall; Cascada del Ézaro.

Since 2011, the waterfallCascada del Ézaro runs 365 days a year. Between June 21 and September 21 the waterfall is illuminated from 23:00 to 00: 00h.

After Cascada del Ézaro the river Xallas runs directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Cascada del Ézaro is full of legendary stories; desamores princesses, supernatural powers, spells, rituals. It is also a place recommended for its scenic beauty as well as its abundant flora and fauna. Especially Pious or Caldeiras, which are natural built caves along the river, bathed by clear turquoise waters.

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About Ezaro, Cascada del

LocationO Ézaro, Carnota-Monte Pindo
RiverRio Xallas
Height40m +155m
Best visitSpring-summer