Febbraro, Cascata di Valle

(Cascata della Valle Febbraro, Cascata del Borghe)

Cascata di Valle Febbraro or Cascata del Borghe is, as the name already indicates, a waterfall in the valley Valle Febbraro near Isola in the region Lombardia.

In 2014 I was heading to Valle Febbraro when it suddenly started to rain. I wasn’t planning a long walk through the rain so I left. Unfortunately, because Cascata di Valle Febbraro is a nice waterfall in a beautiful surrounding. Melted snow and melted ice from a small glacier at Pizzo Ferre feeds the waterfall Cascata di Valle Febbraro at Borghetto. Over 150 meter the river Torrente Valle di Borghetta drops down from the mountains.

From Isola it less then 2 kilometers following the river and you can reach Cascata di Valle Febbraro in hardly 30 minutes.

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About Febbraro, Cascata di Valle

RiverTorrente Valle di Borghetta
Height80m +150m
Best visitEarly summer

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