Foga, cascada della

Cascata della Foga is a double waterfall west of Valbondione in the regio Lombardia, Italy. The waterfall is visible from the roadside (sp49) at the northside of the valley just before Bondione.

Although Cascata della Foga is visible from the roadside, for a better idea how it looks like you can hike to the bottom of the waterfall. Just before entering the village Bondione there is a parking (before the first houses) at the left side of the road. A small sign tells you where the trail is.

The first part goes slightly up but the second part gets more steep. Total ascend is 400 meter. I think the walk takes appr 30 minutes.

Nearby in Valbondione you will find one of the biggest waterfalls in Italy Cascate del Serio. Unfortunately this is a regulated waterfall that only flows five times a year for 30 minutes.

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About Foga, cascada della

LocationBondione, Valbondione
RiverTorrente valle della Foga
Best visitEarly summer, after rainfall

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