Fonias waterfall


There are several waterfalls on the mountainous island Samothraki in Greece. One of the most beautiful waterfalls are located in the Fonias gorge at the north side of the island Samothraki. The common name for the waterfall is the Fionas waterfalls. There are several waterfalls and smaller cascades in the river but the first one is the biggest and has a height of appr. 30 meter.

It needs a 40 minute walk to get to the first waterfall in the Fonias gorge. From Therme drive 5 kilometer east to a big parking along the main road (gps 40.490459, 25.654984). From here you have to follow the river upstream. From the parking it is a 40 minute walk to the first waterfall. A perfect place to swim but the water can be quite cold. Note: swimming nude is very common here.

The second waterfall is another 20 minute walk and there is also a third waterfall, but the hike gets more and more difficult. If you want to do this part wear good trekking shoes.

Best time to visit the Fonias gorge waterfalls is probably springtime or after a rainy period. 

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About Fonias waterfall

Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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