Gándara, Cascada El Río

Cascada El Río Gándara is an exceptional waterfall in the small village Gándara, in the region Cantabria, Spain.

From the coastline (near Laredo) road N619 rund south to Ramales de la Victoria. After Ramales go west onto road CA256 to Incedo and Gándara. After crossing the river Gándara, further on there is a small yellow sign Mirador del Gandara. Follow the sign until there is a parking.

From here it is a 300 meter walk to the viewpoint high above the canyon with a tremendous view on Cascada El Río Gándara.

There is only one big “but”, Cascada El Río Gándara runs dry very quickly. Best time to visit Cascada El Río Gándara is after a period of rainfall or early spring.

I think it is also possible to walk to the base of Cascada El Río Gándara. Just before you entered the village of la Gándara there was an exit to Villaverde. From here a path runs to the river close to the base of the waterfall. Parking the car is though a problem.

With enough water in Cascada El Río Gándara is a great waterfall sliding down the mountains over 80-100 meter.

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About Gándara, Cascada El Río

RiverRio Gándara
Best visitSpring, after heavy rainfall

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