Gjuvefossen is a regulated waterfall near Flesberg in the region Buskerud, Norway.

Driving on road 40 from Kongsberg to the north, to Geilo, go driving on the Fv98 after Lampeland a road parallel at the river Lågen. There is a small white sign “Blåberg” at the right side of the road after 15 kilometer (from Lampeland). This is a toll road (65 NKR).

Just before “Blåberg kafé og dagligvare” you can go right, a road going to several holiday houses. I am not sure if this road is open to public. At the end of the road (gps 59.872286, 9.310488) you can park the car. I don’t see an official trail but it must be possible to walk (350 m) to a viewpoint in front of Gjuvefossen.

Probably it is also possible to walk to Gjuvefossen from the Blåberg kafé.

Gjuvefossen is a quit unknown waterfall but is still 25-40 meter high. Unfortunately I recently discovered the waterfall is regulated and only sometimes flows early summer.

The source of Gjuvefossen lies at 3 lakes near the waterfall: Juvevatnet, Bkorvatnet and Eksund at an altitude of 500-550 m. Further up a lot of melted snow melts down (early summer) from the mountain plateau Blefjell (1.100-1.300 m).

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About Gjuvefossen

LocationBlåberg, Flesberg
Best visitX (Regulated)