Godafoss (Bjarnarfjörður)

(Goðafoss, Godhafoss)

Goðafoss is a less known waterfall compared to the famous Goðafoss near Myvatn. This Goðafoss is located at the Westfjords in the Northwest of Iceland, near Bjarnarfjörður. From road 61 (Djupvegar) take the 643 towards Bjarnarfjörður. 1 kilometer for reaching Bjarnarfjörður you cross the river Hallardalsá. From here it is  short walk (200 meters) to this beautiful waterfall.

Melting water in the river Hallardalsá falls down over 30 meters in a narrow gorge. From the roadside you can walk up to the top the gorge to see the Goðafoss from above. The waterfall is easy accessible and can be viewed from different sides.

The Bjarnarfjörður (means Bears Fjord) is a fjord in northwestern Iceland in Strandir district. It is part of the great Húnaflói and penetrates about 6.5 kilometers westward deep into the country. Above the fjord is the Trékyllisheiði plateau whose water flows partly to the fjord through the Bjarnafjarðará.



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About Godafoss (Bjarnarfjörður)

RegionNorðurland vestra
LocationBjarnarfjörður (Strandasysla)
Best visitSummer