Grey Mare Waterfall

(Grey Mares Tail)

Grey Mare Waterfall is a gorgeous waterfall in Grey Mares Tail Nature Reserve, along road A708. The reserve is located between Moffat and Dryhope near Birkhill in Scotland (United Kingdom).

From the parking at Grey Mares Tail Nature Reserve it is 10 minute walk to the magnificent Grey Mare Waterfall which plunges down over 60 meter (two major steps) from Loch Skeen and continues its way into Moffat water.

The valley was scoured out by glaciers during the last ice age and  must rank amongst the most impressive in Scotland. They were celebrated in verse by Sir Walter Scott.

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About Grey Mare Waterfall

CountryUnited Kingdom
LocationBirkhill-Moffat (Grey Mares Tail nature reserve)
RiverX (Loch Skeen)
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall

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