Häselgehr Wasserfall


The Häselgehr Wasserfall or Häselgörbfall is an amazing waterfall near Ehrwald/Lermoos in the region Tirol, Austria. From Ehrwald or Lermoos you have to drive north over road 187 towards Garmisch Partenkirchen in Germany. Just outside Lermoos you will see a bridge on the left side of the road going over the river Loisach. Park the car here.

In a few minutes you walk under the trees towards the base of the nice looking Häselgehr Wasserfall. The Häselgehr Wasserfall drops down over 61 meters (measured) before it ends in the river Loisach. The source of the river Häselgehrbach lies in the mountains above the Häselgehr Wasserfall with the mountain peak Daniel as the highest with its 2.342 meters.

Although the Häselgehr Wasserfall only has a single drop of 29 meters ans a total of 61 meters it looks higher. The Häselgehr Wasserfall lies in a beautiful natural environment and is easy to access. For people who dare, you can walk behind the waterfall with a little bit of climbing.

Best time to visit the Häselgehr Wasserfall is in the morning with the sun in your back: the Häselgehr Wasserfall falls towards the east, so when taking pictures the best time is in the morning. Best season to visit the Häselgehr Wasserfall is late spring-early summer: see how the Haselgehr wasserfall looks like in spring here. In summertime the flow of the river Häselgehrbach is low but still enough to shower under the waterfall and to enjoy the scenic setting. All teh pictures above are taken in august 2015, teh warmest summer ever in Austria with weeks of temperatures above 30C.

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About Häselgehr Wasserfall

Height29m +61m
Best visitLate spring-early summer

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