The Johannesfall is a very powerful waterfall in the late spring/early summer and can be found West of the village Obertauern along road 99 (Tauernstrasse) in the region Salzburg, Austria.

The Johannesfall is already visible from the roadside but for a good look, park the car. From the road it is a short walk to the Johannesfall over a stairway and a steep trail takes you to the bottom of the Johannesfall, a descend of 100 meters.

The Johannesfall is a waterfall with a total height of appr. 70 meters and is very impressive to see. Late spring and early summer the flow of the river Taurach can be very powerful, a good time to visit the Johannesfall.

It is possible to walk behind the Johannesfall, always fun and a certainty for nice pictures. Best daytime to visit the Johannesfall is in the afternoon: The Johannesfall falls towards the west, so in the afternoon the sun reaches the waterfall.


I visited the Johannesfall May 2006 there was to much snow to get a good view on the fall. It seems that a roundtrip walk around the fall is possible. Nevertheless the Johannesfall was very powerful.

Nearby (a few kilometers north on road 99) there is another nice waterfall called Gnadenfall. Also worthwhile to visit, although the height is less then the Johannesfall. But visiting waterfalls is always fun.

© 3-4-5-6-7-8-9th picture Broderick Dyke, Austria

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About Johannesfall

Best visitLate spring-summer

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