Hinterer Maralmfall


Hinterer Maralmfall or Maralmbachfall is great waterfall in the Maltatal in the region Kärnten, Austria. It is quit remarkable that there isn’t much information available about the Hinterer Moaralmfall. When I look at the pictures it looks like a great waterfall with a significant amount of water flowing.

The river Hinterer Maralmfall plunges down over appr. 150 meters and ends in the river Malta. The Hinterer Maralmfall is visible from the street at the north side of the valley, just after the Blauer Tumpf tunnel (at the right side).

Best time to visit the waterfall is late in the morning, but the Hinterer Maralmfall falls towards the south, so almost the whole day the sun shines on the waterfall. Best season to visit the Hinterer Maralmfall is late spring or early summer when there is still enough snow that can melt.

The Hinterer Maralmbach is fed by melted snow from the mountains. Directly above the Hinterer Maralmfall a big mountain called Karschneideck rises above the valley.

The Maltatal is one of my favorite valleys because of the numerous beautiful waterfalls. Other nice waterfalls in the Maltatal are: Fallbachfall, Gossfalle, Melnikfall and the Schleierfall.

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About Hinterer Maralmfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
RiverHinterer Maralmbach
Best visitEarly summer

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