Kuhflucht Wasserfälle

The Kuhflucht Wasserfälle are one of the highest waterfalls in Germany, although it is a series of waterfalls in the river Kuhfluchtgraben near Farchant. With 3 major drops the The Kuhflucht Wasserfälle has an impressive height of 270 meter.

The Kuhflucht Wasserfälle is in my opinion one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany and also a very special waterfall. You can walk along the river to the source of the Kuhflucht Wasserfälle, a hole in a mountain wall where the water comes directly out of the mountain. The average volume of the Kuhflucht Wasserfälle is 1,5m3/sec, but I have seen enough pictures of a low volume waterfall.

The Kuhflucht Wasserfälle are located at the east side of Farchant. From Muhldorfl, at the east side of the river at Farchant, a trail (Konigsweg) starts following the river Kuhfluchtgraben. In 30 minutes you can reach the first waterfall. From here you have to ascend 300 meters before you reach a viewpoint on the source of the Kuhflucht Wasserfälle.

I am not sure how the 270 meter height is measured because the lower waterfall is located at an altitude of 850 meter and the upper part at an altitude of 1.250 meter. I would say the total height is 400m meters…. In between the 3 major drop the river Kuhfluchtgrabe has several small drops.

Best time to visit the Kuhflucht Wasserfälle is in springtime or after rainfall, in autumn.

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About Kuhflucht Wasserfälle

Height70-270 (400)m
Best visitSpring-early summer

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