Lastien, Cascade du Pis de

(Cascade de Lastien)

Cascade du Pis de Lastien or cascade de Lastien is an unknown but superb waterfall at the end of Vallée d’Ossèse, near Aulus les Bains, in the French Pyrenees. I really don’t know why this waterfall is unknown? Maybe because it isn’t very touristic, I don’t know.

From Aulus les Bains go west over road D8F until you see a sign for St Lizier d’Ustou (D38), turn left here and follow road D38 until the road get very narrow and you see a sign Ossèse 1 km, keep right here. At a few houses the road ends. From here you have to walk.

Go further south by food for 3 kilometer (40-50 minutes) until you reach the amazing Cascade du Pis de Lastien.

Cascade du Pis de Lastien is apr. 70-90 meters high and can be very powerful.

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About Lastien, Cascade du Pis de

LocationVallée d'Ossèse-Aulus les Bains
RiverX (Rau Ossèse)
Height70m +90m
Best visitSpring-early summer

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