Lepida waterfall (Dipotama)

(Καταρράκτης Λεπίδα)

The Lepida waterfall is a nice 30 meter high waterfall located north of Diplodama in the region east Macedonia, Greece.

From Paranesti drive north to Dipotama (22 km). In the small village proceed taking the (dust) road for 4,6 km (gps 41.385397, 24.620375). A path (700 m) leads down to the waterfall at a kiosk (?). 

The Lepida waterfall (Dipotama) drops down over 30 meter and is after rainfall a quite respectable waterfall. The scenery is gorgeous and a visit worthwhile.

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About Lepida waterfall (Dipotama)

RegionEast Macedonia
LocationDipotama, Paranesti
RiverTsoukali rema
Best visitSpringtime