Lillaz, Cascate di

Cascate di Lillaz is a gorgeous waterfall near the tiny village Lillaz in the region Valle d’Aosta, Italy. Not only I discovered the beauty of this waterfall but also many tourists and locals who use the rocks at the base of the waterfall for sunbathing.

When driving to the end of the valley of Cogne the road ends in Lillaz at a parking lot (payed). From the picturesque village Lillaz (at the right side of the river) a path leads to the base of the waterfall in a few minutes. From there you have the best view on Cascate di Lillaz. You also can walk to the right side of the waterfall where you see clearly how impressive and powerful Cascate di Lillaz is.

If you want (certainly do) you can climb up the waterfall and visit the several viewpoint. Upstream a second smaller fall shows up, but still a very beautiful waterfall! Climb further on until you cross a bridge, there a third waterfall shows up, probably the highest one of Cascade di Lillaz.

From here on you can walk back to Lillaz via the other side of the river. In total is was less then an hour walking, including stops and taking photo’s.

Note: I was in Italy in July/August 2014 in an extremely wet summer. The volume of waterfalls can be different from on the photo’s I took.

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About Lillaz, Cascate di

RegionValle d'Aosta
RiverTorrent d'Urtier
Best visitEarly summer-Summer

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