(Trahonio waterfall, Καταρράκτης Τραχωνίου ή Λειβαδίτης)

The Livaditis waterfall (or Trachoni waterfall, Καταρράκτης Τραχωνίου ή Λειβαδίτης) is one of the highest waterfall of Greece with a single drop of 60 meter.

Livaditis (or Trachoni waterfall) is located north of Xanthi near the border of Greece and Bulgaria. From Xanthi take road 14 west to Paranesti. After Dafnonas turn right to the mountain village Livaditis. In Livaditis keep following the road (there is a sign waterfall 9 km). After 1,1 km there is a path at the left of the road. Park the car here.

Follow this path and follow the signs (I think saying E6). You can download a gpx file at Wikiloc. From here a beautiful walk takes you to Livaditis (or Trachoni waterfall) within 1,5 hour (7,5 km).

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About Livaditis

RegionEast Macedonia
LocationLeivaditis (Livaditis), Xanthi
RiverRema Agias Varvaras
Best visitSpring

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