Maesano, Cascata

(Cascate del Menta, Cascate Maisano)

Cascata Maesano or Cascate del Menta is a waterfall with 4 tires of each 15 meters. Cascata Maesano is located near Maesano/Lago Menta (south of Gambarie) in the region Calabria, Italy.

FromGambarie drive south over road SS183 to Bagaladi. Halfway there is a right turn to the dam Diga del Menta. From the end of the road at the dam, there is a trail heading south to Cascata Maesano.

It are multiple cascades and they look gorgeous. I think the volume of the river Fiumara di Amenddea is quit low, it is still a scenic site to visit.

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About Maesano, Cascata

Locationla fiumara Amendolea / Parco Nazionale dell'Asprom
RiverFiumara di Amenddea
Height15m +60m
Best visitSpring-early summer

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