Maly Adrspassky vodopad

(Malý Adršpašský vodopád)

Malý Adršpašský vodopád is a small but gorgeous waterfall situated in a narrow gorge with a single drop of 4 meter.

Malý Adršpašský vodopád is located southeast of Adršpach in the region Hradec Králové, Czech republic. A trail starts at the information centre in Adršpach. The walk takes 25-30 minutes.

In the summer months the river runs almost dry. Best period to visit Malý Adršpašský vodopád is in springtime after rainfall. The average flow is 6l/sec.

Upstream of the waterfall you will find another scenic waterfall called Velký Adršpašský vodopád, a 16 meter high waterfall.

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About Maly Adrspassky vodopad

CountryCzech republic
RegionHradec Králové
LocationAdršpachských rocks, Adršpach
Best visitSpring, after rainfall