Marmarico, Cascata del

Cascata del Marmarico or Cascade du Marmaricu is the highest waterfall in the region Calabria and Southern Apennines. The upper course of the river Stilaro drops down over 114 meters high and flows further into the Folea valley. The surrounding of the waterfall has the same name as the waterfall.

Cascata del Marmarico  is located in the Municipality of Bivongi in the south of Italy.

The waterfall can be reached from Bivongi in 20 minutes. Walking to the second fall will take another 20 minutes following the path of Folea. To complete the entire route on foot requires 2 hours of walking.

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About Marmarico, Cascata del

LocationVallone Folea - Bivongi
RiverStilaro/Vallone Foleo
Best visitSpring-Autumn

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