Mastecky vodopad

(Mastecký vodopád)

Mastecký vodopád is  a small waterfall near Masty, southeast of Dobruska, in the region Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

From Dobruska drive south on road 5 to Bílý Újezd. Here turn left (just before the nice church) to Masty. Follow the road and drive out of Masty. At the sign “end of Masty”, there is a road going right, but is prohibited for normal traffic to go there.

From here it is a 1,3 kilometer walk to the river where Mastecký vodopád is located. The waterfall is located behind the stone quarry. I am not sure if it is allowed to cross the terrain??

Mastecký vodopád is a 9 meter high waterfall, nice to visit in springtime or after a period of rainfall.

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About Mastecky vodopad

CountryCzech republic
RegionHradec Králové
LocationMasty, Dobré
RiverLomský potok
Best visitSpring