The Milchbachfäll is a waterfall in the Maderanertal (Silenen) in the region Uri, Switzerland. The Sidensackfall drops has a single drop of appr 100 meter. The source of the river lies at a small glacier Alpgnoferfirn.

From Altdorf drive to Silenen (road 2) and there take exit 38 to Amsteg. At the end of the exit go right to Birsten. At a small power station go left after the bridge, there is small sign Maderanertal/Bristen. The road end at a cable station Golzern (Birsten). Park the car here.

In the Maderanertal there are several impressive waterfall like the Hüfibachfall (Hüfiquelle), all with heights over a 100 meter. Probably in summertime with warm weather these waterfalls reaches its maximum capacity.

From the Golzern cable station it is still a firm walk (7,3 km one way) to the Milchbachfäll. The hike has an ascend of 350 meter and runs along the river Karstelenbach.

It is also possible to book an Alpentaxi (>two days in advance) that goes deeper into the valley, as far as Hotel Maderanertal. It is not cheap, in the year 2018: CHF 60.

Other interesting waterfalls are: Stäuber and Lammerbachfall

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