Myafossen is a very nice and impressive waterfall near Venabu in the municipality Ringebu/Oppland. The river Mya drops down over 100 meters in three tiers. The lowest tier at the base of the fall is the biggest. Myafossen is also called Myfallet, the name that is mentioned on several online maps. Myafossen is the name that comes back on signs and postcards.

Myafossen can be found east of Venabu. When driving on road E6 near Ringebu you have to take road 27 (Rondevegen) towards Venabu. At Venabufjellet hotel there is a trail (3 km/60 minutes) going to Myaseter>Mytunga>Bjønndal and then to the Myafossen. The trail is well signed but can be very steep at the end.

Nearby there is another nice waterfall: Dørfallet. On the way to Myfallet you already passed the sign for Dørfallet. From the upper viewpoint at Myfossen it is a 70 minute walk to Dørfallet. In total the walk to both falls will take about 3,5 hours (12,6 km).


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