Mynach falls

(Rhaeadr Mynach, Devil's bridge falls)

Mynach falls (also called Rhaeadr Mynach) is a 90 meter high waterfall in the river Mynach plunging down over 5 steps.

Actually there are two waterfall: Mynach falls north of the bridge and Devil’s bridge falls/Devil’s punch bowl waterfall south of the bridge.

Mynach falls is located at Devil’s bridge, south of Ponterwyd in Mid Wales (United Kingdom). The bridge is an attraction and a fee has to be paid. A roundtrip along the trail (Devil’s bridge falls/Devil’s punch bowl waterfall) takes about 45 minutes. Mynach falls on the other hand is located north of the bridge.

Driving on the A44 from Aberystwyth to Ponterwyd, take a right turn  to Devil’s bridge (A4120) at Ponterwyd. The road crosses the river Mynach and Mynach waterfall is nearby. There is a car park after the bridge.


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About Mynach falls

CountryUnited Kingdom
LocationDevil's Bridge-Ceredigion
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall