Nant d’Ant, Cascade du

Cascade du Nant d’Ant is an unknown waterfall in Samoens in the French Alps. The waterfall Cascade du Nant d’Ant is located just south of Samoens and is easy to reach.

In Samoens drive over the D4 south. When crossing the river (just outside Samoens) turn left and park the car somewhere here. Follow the trail/river heading east. In a few minutes time you will reach the base of Cascade du Nant d’Ant named after the river Nant d’Ant. A nice walk through the forrest.

Here the river Nant d’Ant plunges down over a cliff and ends 25 meters lower.

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About Nant d’Ant, Cascade du

RegionRhone Alpes/Haute Savoie
RiverNant d'Ant
Best visitSpring-Early summer