Nardis, Cascate di

(Cascate Nardis)

Cascate di Nardis is one of the many waterfalls (but also the most famous waterfall) in Valle Genova, near Pinzola, in the region Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy.

Val Genova-map Cascata di NardisIn Pinzola you have to watch where the exit to the valley of Genova / Cascata di Nardis. You would not think such a narrow road goes to a tourist attraction. It can be very crowded. That is I think the reason why you have to pay entrance: 5 euro for parking where you have to walk to the waterfall, 5 or 8 euros if you want to park close to the fall. Why do? The waterfall is beautiful and powerful.

Cascate di Nardis plunges down over 97 meters and can be quit wide. Up at the river Nardis you will find two small glaciers Vendretta di Nardis and Vendretta Pressanella at an altitude of 3.485 meters. Early summer at warm weather the river Nardis grows to a wild river and Cascate di Nardis grows and gets more impressive.

It’s a shame that I did not have more time to explore the Genova valley. The valley of Genova has multiple waterfals which you can reach by foot following the river. It will take a few hours before you ended at the valley. There’s also a bus going on certain times or better grab your bike if you have one with you.

The first waterfall near the parking is Cascate di Nardis. From here you follow the river until you reach: Cascate del Sol, Cascata Lares, Cascata Folgorido, Cascata Casina Muta, Casccata Pedruc and way up Cascata Lago Nuovo-Cascata Mandron. At that time you also have reached the glacier.

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About Nardis, Cascate di

RegionTrentino - Alto Adige (Südtirol)
LocationVal Genova-Pinzola
RiverRio Nardis / Fiume Sarca di Val Genova
Height97m +130m
Best visitEarly summer

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