Palmarello, Cascata

Cascata Palmarello is a beautiful, but unknown waterfalls near Gambarie (Parco nazionale dell’Aspromonte) in the region Calabria, Italy.

From Villa San Giovanni  drive into Parco nazionale dell’Aspromonte, via a hamlet called Gambarie and proceed driving towards the mountain Montalto.

The start of the trail begins at the foot of the mountain Montalto (1.956 meters), the highest peak of the Aspromonte. Here you have to park your car (near a place called Porta Materazzelli).

To get to Cascata Palmarello you have to walk for 4 hours before you reach the river Ferraina with its several drops (Cascate del Ferraina) and a shelter called Canovai. From here I am not sure how to walk to the river Aposcipo. I don’t see an official trail but it must be possible.

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About Palmarello, Cascata

LocationGambarie-Villa San Giovanni (Parco nazionale dell'Aspromonte)
RiverTorrente Aposcipo
Best visitAutumn-Winter-Spring