Pianazzo, Cascata di

Cascata di Pianazzo used to be a big and impressive waterfall, but is nowadays less powerful because water is diverted to powerplant.

Cascata di Pianazzo is still a gorgeous waterfall at the hamlet Pianazzo/Madesimo. In the hamlet of Pianazzo you can visit a viewpoint located at the top of the waterfall. To view Cascata di Pianazzo in al its glory you have to drive north to Isola and there going south following the lake and river Liro.

After the second tunnel you can see Cascata di Pianazzo at your left side. The river Scalcoggia drops down over 130-200 meters and best can be visited in early summertime.
Driving a little further you take a turn to the right to Starleggia. After going up for a while you will have a great view on Cascata di Pianazzo from a high viewpoint.

The road along Madesimo is in summertime very popular because the road leads to the famous Splugenpass.

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About Pianazzo, Cascata di

RiverTorrente Scalcoggia
Height130m +200m
Best visitEarly summer

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